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I walk around in my everyday suit
One which consisting of jeans and blouse
Walking through the hall of a store, stopping to acknowledge an ad with a common woman
Found the shot into my cornea saying “Pretty” and “Gorgeous”
The woman with a pretty dress smiling ear to ear
Quickly noticing being next to mirrors, how crazy of an aisle
Looking at my plain self just a normal woman
No pretty dress, no pretty shoes
Just plain old me
I get out of my trance, not letting the “pretty” standard get me down
I go three aisles down, to the pasta section
Where I see men, hoarded around like dogs wanting treats
As I looked closer, my simile couldn’t be more precise
There stood a “pretty” woman asking for help carrying her groceries
The men kept saying that word to her all demanding they help her, as I depart to other aisle
It is hard not to feel bad while thinking of your past
No one has ever called me “pretty”, No one to help me in my n
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The Romance and The Puppies by Wanerghost The Romance and The Puppies :iconwanerghost:Wanerghost 0 0
Sadness With Hope
My heart snaps from four simple words
“We have to talk”
The talk that rips your heart to pieces
The talk that changes everything about your life
No matter how long the time with her before was
Either 5 minutes to 4 years, the heart tears
You separate and walk two different paths
Both alone and both filled with grief
The trees shifting with the wind at its side
Leaves falling off of the limber branches
Fall now has an additional ill meaning to it
Walking unattended with the other
Understanding how lonely I am
Hearing nothing but the marriage between the trees and wind
Mocking you what you used to have
But so understanding of your problems
Neither helpful nor useless
A marriage existing only to show love to humanity
Lonely walking through the love of the marriage
Only to lay my head lower and lower
To find a seat lonelier than I
Giving each other company, but leaving the other to his thoughts
Questioning life why something like this would happen
Not understanding what went wr
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I cry
I cry
Like all the others
I cry, alone
Too scared to let anyone see me cry
Pretending to be crazy, hiding the tears behind my frantic movements
Never wanting to be consider less of a man
Or am I one for not letting it show
Pretending to be a crazy mentalist
People conversing
Convinced that the words I convey are complete madness
People claiming I am on drugs
Never do they know that I am completely sane, just not letting the tears come through
Probably saner than some that I see
Or do I actually belong in my category
I cry like you all do, and there is more to the eye when you see me
I am not just some crazy fool
One to seem to have endless happiness
I cry
One day to shed the insane asylum patient
One day to share my feelings to the fullest
One person alone deserves this position
One magical woman as weird as I
One to show that
I cry
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The Dragon and the Butterfly
The dragon and the butterfly
Met so spontaneous, yet righteous as well
It was in a magical place
At a magical age
Under the stars and away from time
Two different creatures
One Mystical, One real
One gorgeous, One grand
At the birth of the night
The two became acquainted
Telling jokes and stories
Having laughs and cheers
All ignorant innocence, just waiting to be sheared
Through the middle of it a true connection could be seen
Their eyes would align
With hearts getting near
They would dance in the air
Under the moon in her glory
Singing songs of taboo
Congruent to their love
Near the death of the night
Things began to settle down
Excitement lowered and Hope heightened
Two creatures entangled under the stars
Hoping for the future
Hoping too far
At the death of night
The two had to aside
Both telling each other that their time together hasn’t ended once in for all
The dragon, in the morning, already in nostalgia
He progresses to find his butterfly
But sadly no wings in air but his
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